Ciclos Tramontana, bike shop in Menorca

Bicycle sale, repair and maintenance services

Ciclos Tramontana

Ciclos Tramontana was founded in 2003 by Alfonso Pons, after more than twenty years at the now disapeared Reynés Cycles, where he experienced the appearance of the first mountain bikes (6-speed), around 1989. At the time the first mountain bike's outing were organized, while roads were being (re)discovered in Menorca, some of them totally impractical (in contrast to the high level of current conservation).

Ciclos Tramontana

Ciclos Tramontana was born with the idea of improving the service provided to all individuals involved in cycling and also increase the supply of bicycles and accessories. The experience gained during those years was crucial and decisive in the deployment of the new company / shop, which is in the street Camí des Castell, 241 B-C, very well located and with easy access space.

Ciclos Tramontana

During these years we have experienced the boom of the cycling's practice in Menorca, the company has grown, it has adapted to the existing demand and new times. Proof of this is this website that you are seeing and, hopefully, is being of your interest; through it you can get to know us a little better and discover everything that we can offer.

Good route.

Our brands of bikes

  • Scott
  • WRC
  • Conor
  • Coluer